Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Grandpa Pete

Some very sad Grandpa Pete died on August 25th, just shy of his 77th birthday on the 30th. But he was reunited with my Grandma Norma on their anniversary. I'm sure he was happy about that! There is so much I could say about him. I looked up to him my whole life, he was the best grandpa! He was funny, always had a joke to tell. I will definitely miss those. And his email forwards... He was a kind person, non-judgmental and loving and accepting of people. He was the perfect match for my grandma and they were always so happy together. I have so many fond memories of him! He was the best!

Paul and I were lucky enough to see him in June when we came to Utah for Paul's brother Shaun's wedding. It was right before his dog Maggie passed away, who he really loved. Here are some pictures from that trip:
My handsome Grandpa!

Me and my Grandpa, after I announced I was pregnant!

His Maggie girl

Another one of Maggie...

We were so glad we were able to see him before he passed. We weren't able to get to see him right before he died, but we made it to the funeral, and that was so nice. Paul came with me and I was so happy for that! We were able to see his family too which was great, and spend time with mine. I love my Grandpa Pete so much! He will be greatly missed by me and Paul and so many more!

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Roberta said...

Great post! So good to see happy pictures and memories. Can't wait for that cute baby boy to come! Keep blogging!