Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belly Pics

My belly is growing and growing! It's funny, because I'm getting so used to it that I look down and think it's not so big. Then I see myself in a mirror and it looks huge! It's so fun to feel all his kicks. He's very active most days. Yesterday he was kicking ALL day long, without very many breaks. I don't mind though, I feel so much better whenever I feel him moving. He's so strong! He's starting to kick and then drag his foot or hand or whatever part it is along my stomach. He likes to kick at the very side of my belly and smack dab in the middle most. I feel so connected to him whenever I feel those movements. I'm so grateful that I have been blessed to carry him and even though I'm seriously so nervous about giving birth, I'm so happy to have him growing inside me.
Paul loves to feel Ryder kick too, he can feel how active he is and how strong his kicks can get. I love to see the expressions on his face as he moves and jabs and it's just so cute!

Here's some pics of my ever expanding belly...
Me on 9/12 at 24 weeks

Me on 9/16 at 25 weeks

Me today at 27 weeks

That last one's not too flattering of me, but I wanted to post the most recent picture of my belly. I'll keep posting updates too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Nursery Pics

Okay, so Paul and I have kind of gotten ahead of ourselves and a few weeks ago we painted part of Ryder's room in baby blue. Then this last weekend Paul painted the last wall chocolate brown. We had already ordered and received all of Ryder's bedding and coordinates to go with it and the crib. Paul put the crib up, and we put the bedding on. Now we're just waiting until we can put him in it...
As the days go on, I'm starting to feel a lot bigger. Up until this week I have felt like I have been doing things with the same amount of energy as normal and moving about the same as normal, too, but now I am really feeling weighed down and I feel like he's just growing so much! My belly will normally have growing pains once a week, but now I'm feeling them at least every other day! I guess that's a sign that he's growing and healthy, but I don't want to end up with a 10 lb. baby...
Anyway, here's some pics of his room, there's still a lot of finishing touches to do, but here's what we've got so far...
His crib, minus the drawers in the bottom (not installed yet) w/his zoo bedding...

Close-up on zoo bedding

Jewel chillin' on the striped rug

Decals on the wall

Ryder's closet

Brown wall

Comfy chair and rhino pillow

Side view of crib

Jewel just does not know what to think

Look at all those clothes! There's more where that came from!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first baby shower!

While we were in Utah for my grandpa's funeral, my Aunt Nancy and cousins Amy and Melanie threw me an impromptu baby shower! It was really fun and it was pretty warm that day, but it was nice under the awning at my Uncle Pete and Aunt Nancy's house. My mom, sister Marie, sister-in-law Nicole, mother-in-law Tracy and sister-in-law Ashley were able to make it, as well as my friend Jen and other family members made it. It was so nice to see all of them, and their kids. My cousin Melanie just had a baby, Quincy, and so had my cousin Ranae, Sabrina. So it was so good to see them! They're so cute!

It was such a great shower and I got so much great stuff... Thanks Nancy, Amy, Melanie, and my mom and Marie for putting it together! It was so fun to start getting all the cute baby stuff! We loved everything we got for Ryder! I will post more pictures later too of what I have bought so far with the money I got from the shower for Ryder boy... Here's some pictures for now:
Cute "Little Snapper" outfit...

Ryder's going to be "Mommy's Little Cowboy"

I obviously can't contain myself with all this cute stuff! :D

Kami, Malaya, and new mom Melanie

Marie, a smiling, happy, (and newly pregnant!) Nicole, and my Mom

My mother-in-law Tracy talking with Mindy and Aunt Nancy

Proud new Mom Melanie with adorable Quincy

Can't wait for Ryder to come out and be as precious...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Grandpa Pete

Some very sad news...my Grandpa Pete died on August 25th, just shy of his 77th birthday on the 30th. But he was reunited with my Grandma Norma on their anniversary. I'm sure he was happy about that! There is so much I could say about him. I looked up to him my whole life, he was the best grandpa! He was funny, always had a joke to tell. I will definitely miss those. And his email forwards... He was a kind person, non-judgmental and loving and accepting of people. He was the perfect match for my grandma and they were always so happy together. I have so many fond memories of him! He was the best!

Paul and I were lucky enough to see him in June when we came to Utah for Paul's brother Shaun's wedding. It was right before his dog Maggie passed away, who he really loved. Here are some pictures from that trip:
My handsome Grandpa!

Me and my Grandpa, after I announced I was pregnant!

His Maggie girl

Another one of Maggie...

We were so glad we were able to see him before he passed. We weren't able to get to see him right before he died, but we made it to the funeral, and that was so nice. Paul came with me and I was so happy for that! We were able to see his family too which was great, and spend time with mine. I love my Grandpa Pete so much! He will be greatly missed by me and Paul and so many more!