Thursday, February 25, 2010


...was the FUNNEST time ever! We had so much fun! This was all of our first visit's to Florida and of course DisneyWorld. We knew we were taking a chance weather-wise, and were praying for mid-60 to 70 degrees. There are only a few times a year when it is the least crowded and mid-Jan. to the week before Valentine's Day are one of those times. So we really wanted to take advantage of that, plus we really wanted to see our friends Sean and Spring who live there, and we wanted to celebrate Ryder's 1st birthday (a little late, I know), and we again we were hoping for nice weather. Last year after having Ryder I told Paul we HAD to go somewhere warm this year, since the winters here are so depressing. The only bad part, which we tried to put out of our minds, and did a pretty okay job of, was we got in a car accident on the way to the airport. The weather was horrible that day, all the schools had been let out by about 1:30, and we headed out at about 2:30 for the airport. There were 2 cars facing the wrong way off to the left of the lane we were in, and everyone was slowing down fast and Paul went to slow down and nothing. We were just sliding... We slid right into one car and then another, and then our car wouldn't start. But we ended up with the NICEST highway patrolmen, tow truck driver, and eventually manager at the tow truck place who gave us a ride to the airport JUST in the nick of time to get right on the plane. I was SO stressed out by this point, but it went away when we got to Florida... We were just happy to escape reality somewhat at that time...

Anyway, we stayed at the Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, which had motel-like rooms, and each building was themed to a Disney movie. Ours was Fantasia. Each building had huge items or people from the movies. I didn't get to take many pictures of the buildings, but I have some here anyway. Our first morning there we had a character breakfast inside the Magic Kingdom park, which was SO fun! One of the only things I would have changed about this trip was that I would have had a character breakfast every morning. But we weren't sure how he'd react to the characters, so we just had one meal scheduled with them. He got to see Minnie, Pluto, and Chip & Dale there. He LOVED it! He was so curious and interested. It was really cute!
We were able to spend time in all 4 Disney parks at DisneyWorld...Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, & Hollywood Studios. The first day until noon the weather was PERFECT! The sun was out, it wasn't too hot or too cold, it was great. And I described all of this to my mom as we were experiencing it, and not even an hour had passed, and it started raining. It wasn't bad though, just mostly drizzling. We bought ponchos and those worked great. Lots of people left, and the park was that much more empty. :) Most of the days were cold, and we wore our coats (yes, coats!) most of the time. But with that we were pretty comfortable. The last day in the parks it down poured on us and we were drenched and freezing, but other than that the weather wasn't bad.

Our favorites were: Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania!, Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, World Showcase at Epcot, Space Mountain, Rock'n Roller Coaster, and Winnie the Pooh.

Ryder was able to ride EVERYTHING, excpet for the coasters (which there aren't many) and any rides that had a lot of motion (maybe a handful). We were really excited and surprised that he could go on so much! It was fun to see his face and experience his first time there with him. He was curious and full of wonderment at a lot of it. However, he could have spent all day in the Pooh's Play Spot, which was a playground that he loved! He went down a slide for the first time and found out what he had been missing out on. We also got to spend an evening with our friends and their 2 boys, and they got to meet Ryder for the first time. It was so much fun! We only wish we could have stayed longer!
Our first DisneyWorld visit was really special and magical and all that you would expect and more. Everyone greeted us with a smile, and you could tell they were happy to be working there even. There were people from all over the world working there, and I met a lady from Australia and got to talk with her about where to go and what to do when you visit there, traveling, about currency (they have dollars and cents too, but not American, and they don't have any idea what a penny, dime, nickel, or quarter is), and I just just love accents, so it was fun to just talk to her. Ryder was zonked out at the end of every day, he really enjoyed himself. We ate a lot (too much!) and truly enjoyed our first visit. I hope we can go back again soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to my love!

It was almost 6 years ago that I met Paul, and then dated him, and then got engaged, and then married him, all within a few months. It's been a fun ride too! We've been through a lot of good times, and we have been able to travel a lot and experience new places together. So, I wanted to share some things about Paul today as it's his 31st birthday.


When I first met Paul he always made me feel so special and unique. He treasured me and all that comes with me (i.e. flaws, many). Ever since I met him, I knew there was something about him that I would never find in anyone else. And it didn't take long for me to know he was all I wanted.
He has never stopped making me feel special and wanted. He's always doing things for me and for Ryder, without once thinking of himself. He is very patient, and has shown that patience time and time again with me. He loves his family and my family, and of course our little family. He would do anything for me and for Ryder. He has such a good heart and is such a good person, that he makes me try harder to be better. He's not bossy and is always uplifting toward me, and doesn't ever put me down. I know that he wouldn't be who he without his great parents. And to them I am thankful for that! I am especially grateful toward my mother-in-law Tracy, now knowing what it's like to have a boy, and just to want the best for him, and I'm really glad she raised him to be such a good person. Today I have a lot of great memories to reminisce about, and relive in my mind all the wonderful things he's done for me and continues to do for me daily. He's so wonderful, and I'm so lucky to have him!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Utah Visit

Paul's grandpa hasn't been doing well for awhile, battling several things at once. And he passed away about 2 weeks ago. He was such a great man, very loving, smart, and kind. It was especially hard for Paul because he was able to develop a close relationship with him when he was growing up. Paul lived and worked with him for a summer as a teen, and still tells lots of stories from that time. We will miss him...
We were lucky enough to all go out to the funeral, and everyone LOVED Ryder! He is so spoiled and it was cool for everyone to see him walking, which he has mastered so quickly. It only took him about a week and a half from the time he first started taking a few steps to the point of walking more than crawling. Now he'll only crawl out of convenience because of exhaustion. But he has really good balance, we're so proud of him!
We were so happy to see our families and spend so much time with them. We finally got to see a couple of movies, Sherlock Holmes & Avatar (which was AWE-SOME!) We had a really great time. Paul had to head home last Sunday, but I stuck around until Wednesday.
I was so worried about Ryder getting sick just from the sheer amount of germs he'd come in contact to on the:
plane, at restaurants, public restrooms, etc.
And sure enough, he has a cold. I am not a germaphobe by any means, but when we travel, which is a lot, I try to be extra diligant in keeping his hands sanitized, and keeping him from sick people, playgrounds, etc. He's been doing very well, though, just trying to sleep it off. He's been sleeping through the night and all. We're just hoping he's better for DisneyWorld. I could not think of a worse place and time to be sick! He would not get to enjoy it fully! And that would be just plain sad. :( So, here's hoping he gets better this weekend, and then we'll be off to the happiest place on Earth with our happiest boy on Earth!
We were SO happy to go back home, and it just rejuvenates us and helps us get our "family fix" until next time. Which, we are welcoming any and all Evans' and McFarlanes', come to our house, and we will love it! :D