Monday, October 13, 2008

Growing Baby

Ryder is growing and growing! Last night I woke up for my usual few times nightly bathroom breaks and laid back down and it seriously felt like Ryder was doing somersaults or something like it!! Paul was kind of awake so I asked him to feel it and see if he thought that felt normal. I was really worried that something was wrong because I've never felt anything like it. He has been kicking tons, but rolling is new for him, I guess. It was really strong and eventually I fell asleep, but man it was a funny feeling!
It's good to know that he's moving so much, that must be a good sign! Paul's mom was telling him that she's noticed that the more active the baby is in the womb the more active they usually are when they're born. Paul was a very active baby and child, so if that's any indication, then Ryder is definitely a mini-Paul. Can't wait to see him moving and grooving for myself, though!
We've also started playing a baby classical music CD for him nightly and he usually responds with several kicks where the headphones are on my belly. I don't know if he's saying he likes it or to turn it off!! But it's fun.
Last week we went to the doctor and I took the test for gestational diabetes, and haven't heard anything back today, which should mean that no news is good news according to the nurse. For the next 4 visits (8 weeks) I'll be having a prenatal Dr.'s appointment every other week, then I'll go every week after that. So, I'll be back to the Dr.'s next week... I really pray that all continues to go well! There haven't been any problems so far and we're hoping it doesn't change.
For now, every day is so different, he's growing and moving, and we're getting closer to him being here, and we can't believe it! My emotions are constantly changing, but mostly I JUST CAN'T WAIT!
I also started a water aerobics class, Moms In Motion, which is for pregnant women. It's nice to be in the water and feel weightless, it's strange. But it's cool to see all the other women and their different shaped bellies and hear all the experiences they're having.
Paul and I are enjoying the ride...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Clothes!

I said that I would post pics of the clothes I bought Ryder with the money from his shower, and here they are. I just HAD to buy the plaid red and black outfit--he'll look like a lumberjack. I thought it was so cute and Paul agreed, probably because it's pretty manly looking. Yeah, I can just picture the hair on his chest growing from that outfit! ;) Thanks again for the money for Ryder from the shower!! His wardrobe is certainly growing all the time... Can't wait to see everything on him.

As many of you know, Paul loves cars, so it's inevitable that Ryder will...

He will be THE Captain Adorable!

He'll look like a biker baby in these pajamas...

He'll look like my little lumberjack...

Also, we bought the crib mattress with part of the money from the shower! Thanks again!! :D