Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Fence!

So we had a fence installed on July 30th, after waiting a month or so. The posts were put up about two weeks before the fence went up. And the caps on top were just barely installed. We're really happy with it, though. Jewel just loves her freedom back there! :) And it will be so nice for Ryder to have all that room to run around and play with. We had to do the chain link on the sides so water can flow through our yard into the neighbor's drain. But we really wanted the vinyl so that we had a little more privacy from the apartments and the street from the front. Paul plans on planting a bunch of trees along the side of the fence that faces the apartments for even more privacy.... And there's other projects I'm sure we'll come up with too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lots of Updates...

Okay, so we don't mean to bore you and hopefully we don't, but we have quite a few updates and pictures to post.... So yesterday Marie left on a plane back to Utah.
:( Very sad! It's been so nice to have her around and I'd just gotten so used to it that I didn't want her to leave! I think she had a lot of fun while here though, and even had the opportunity to visit Palmyra, NY and Kirtland, OH and various other places w/the youth from Ames and surrounding areas. We were pretty jealous about that! But she met a lot of people and dated quite a bit too. Here's us at the airport...

So we wanted to include the rest of our ultrasound pictures...

So those are the first pictures of our baby boy, and the next won't be until he's born. Well, my belly has been growing and growing... About a week or so ago I know my belly went through a huge growth spurt over the span of like 1 or 2 days. There was one day that I thought it was going to explode, it hurt so bad from the stretching and growing pains. Now it's pretty well popped out. Here's a picture of me from Friday, in my 17th week:

For my birthday Paul finally agreed to let us paint the house, well, the living room, kitchen and hallway for now. Then we'll paint the rest of the house one or two rooms at a time. We picked a nice neutral color, toasted almond is what it's called and we really like how it turned out. We painted the Saturday after my birthday and got it all done in 1 day! Impressive!! We did the 1st coat, then it was like 9 PM when Paul started the 2nd coat which he did all by himself. He's the best! Here are the results...

Jewel just went through her rite of passage of womanhood, or doggyhood, which would be going through her time of the month, or time of year for her. She's been wearing a diaper for pretty much all of July, and she's finally free from them! So we'll be getting her spayed here pretty quick, one Jewel is enough I think. Also, just learned that the name Jewel means "one who is playful, and/or a precious gem". That's our Jewel!

Since I don't have very many pics on here of me and Paul, here are some:
Us at the Fireworks in Chicago, we're thinking "Wowwww!"

Us at Gray's Lake Park in Des Moines.