Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegas Baby!

So, a couple weeks after going to Chicago, we took off for Vegas because Paul had a course to attend for work, which was 2 days, and then we stayed an extra day, too. We met my parents there, and stayed at Harrah's, which was at an awesome location in the center of the strip, next to Venetian and across from Caesar's. We had a blast! We shopped (when I say we I mean Ryder and me, and my mom and dad, as Paul was in class, and he wouldn't have wanted to go anyway) at the outlet malls, walked around the strip, went to MGM and saw the sleeping lions, hit some awesome buffets (with Paul too) and had a great time! Also, Paul and I went to the temple and that was an amazing experience. There's something special about visiting a temple for the first time. And the pictures I took of it don't do it justice, but there they are anyway... We also went and saw a medievel dinner and show with cool acrobats and fighting and pyrotechnics and all. Ryder didn't go but I know he will love that when he's older.
Also, I didn't take pictures of our room and view since our camera's battery died and we didn't bring the charger, but it was way nice. The window was floor to ceiling view of the strip, and I love to have rooms with views. And we went to the Hoover Dam, which I've been to plenty of times, but was Paul's first time. He thought it was cool too. However, not cool enough to take a $30 tour of it.... Yeah, crazy!
All in all, it was a great trip! Ryder loved to see Grandma and Grandpa....and will seeing his other grandparents next week, what a lucky boy!