Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo Tag...

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Believe it or not, this is the picture:

It's a street performer in Barcelona from our trip in May of this year. There's a huge island in the middle of this one street in Barcelona, and they call that area La Rambla. It's a really touristy area, but there's a lot of stuff to buy there handmade from different vendors. It's really fun... I should post more pics of the street performers; some were good, but some were weird. He was definitely weird, I walked really far away from him, I didn't want him to jump out and chase me!!

Now I tag Marie, Spring, and Shaun...

Happy Posting!! :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

4 Weeks and Counting!

My family came to visit for an entire week for Thanksgiving. It was definitely what we needed--we were starting to feel lonely since we last saw family and friends in August. Speaking of family, Paul's brother Spencer came home from his mission the day before Thanksgiving! Wish we could have been there to greet you home, Spencer! It was an awesome time with my family, though! We were able to have a great Thanksgiving feast, which my parents made. Marie and I made pies, apple and chocolate chip and the turkey was I think the best I've ever had!! :)
It was so nice to be with family! My work also threw me a baby shower, which was great. I work with a lot of women, many who are moms and grandmas and they all LOVE babies--so they got some really cool stuff for Ryder! He is set!! Below are pictures from that shower, and also pictures of the stuff from my shower thrown by Janelle from my ward.
WARNING: I DO LOOK HUGE!!!! (Don't say I didn't warn you...)
Also, we traveled to Nauvoo the day before Thanksgiving to check out all the houses and historical places run by the missionaries, we did a little day after Thanksgiving shopping, and went to the Mall of America. I am very proud to report that I walked ALL day, resting every so often, but at the end of the day I had no complaints; no backaches or problems or anything! I have been very, very, very blessed throughout this pregnancy to have no more than the occasional discomfort from a backache or my belly going through a growth spurt, or from Ryder's CONSTANT movments! Needless to say I feel very blessed and thankful! Paul had been getting over a cold when my family got here though, and I had just caught it, hence my red nose in most of the pictures...
I am most thankful in my life for my husband Paul, without whom I would be so unhappy, and with whom I love, adore, and admire! And I'm so thankful for all my family and friends who give us so much love and support, even from afar. It's hard to be so far from loved ones, but we're grateful for all the friends and support we have here.
As an update on the pregnancy--the Dr. said that he'd be surprised if I have an 8 lb. baby, he's estimating Ryder will be between the 6 and 7 lb. range-which I'm very happy about. I can't imagine delivering a huge baby! But we just want him to be a healthy boy, so whenever he comes, early or on time or late, we just want him to be ready and as developed as needed. (I'm still hoping he'll be born in December--even if it's the 31st)....
We love and miss all our family and friends, especially at this time of year!!

All the stuff Ryder got at the shower thrown by Janelle and her daughters...

Train bib that Janelle made--so cute!

Diaper wreath by Melissa--so awesome!

My work shower for Ryder--here are some presents...

Mom and me--can't believe how huge I'm getting...

Beautiful blanket made by Char!

What fun Ryder'll have in the tub...

My hot husband Paul, me, my mom, Marie, and Dad--with my Ryder pillow my mom had made for me!

Look at all this stuff, he's so spoiled already...

Baby Einstein blocks--he'll be a chemical engineer in no time, right Paul? ;)

My family with the oxen in Nauvoo--my mom was getting cuddly with her ox.

The most handsome guy in the world (and he's with me)!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

So BUSY!!!

We have so much going on this month, it's crazy! We are taking a childbirth class every Tuesday night, I have water aerobics twice a week after work, Paul and I both have mutual every Wednesday night, and we just started a marriage class a couple in our ward is teaching for the Ames wards (I promise there's nothing to worry about, but it's useful information anyway) ;) , plus I will be taking a breastfeeding course this week. Plus, I was just thrown a shower by one of the nicest ladies whose in my ward. Her and her daughters threw it and I got a lot of good stuff! I will post pics of the presents... It was so nice of her to do that and it was a really great shower!! Thanks Janell! :)
Life is busy! Not to mention Paul is working on a special project which some of you may know about, but most don't.... There will be more on that to come...once it's done! ;) This month will continue to be really crazy, but next month we'll have more time to relax and enjoy Christmastime, our favorite time!
Work is still going really good for both of us. Last Thursday we had another Dr.'s appt. I really like my doctor, he's kind of quiet, but he is to the point. He always answers our questions thoroughly, but he doesn't add anything unless I ask about it specifically, which is great. I want to know what I want to know, but I don't want to be told extra things that will freak me out. Everything's going really well with Ryder's development too.
Each visit is very routine and shall I say boring, but in this case boring is good. I get weighed (yikes!), have my blood pressure checked, have my urine sample checked, then the doctor answers questions, measures my belly, feels for his positioning, and checks his heartbeat. It always sounds so cool too! We love that part!! And it's always sounded like it should, never out of the ordinary. Ryder's continually been on track for where he should be and everything's really good with him as far as they can tell. He's still kicking a lot too! Usually that's all that happens at the appt. though. Although, each visit I think the Dr.'s going to get mad at me for the weight I've gained, and he never has, phew! But it's always a fear, but I guess I've been okay with that part so far. I have another appt. in a week and a half, then I think I'll be going every week after that. Very exciting!
Speaking of exciting, we're very excited for my family to visit very soon! Can't wait! Plus, Paul's brother gets home from his mission the day before Thanksgiving, and even though we won't be able to see him, we're so happy he'll finally be home! I know Paul's family can't wait to see him!!
Also, as many of you probably know "Twilight" comes out the weekend before Thanksgiving and we can't wait to go see it! Yes, Paul knows the story (from me telling him) and is excited to see the action, (trust me, he wants nothing to do with the love story aspect), but I guess there's something that guys find cool about vampires anyway. It'll be awesome!
So, lots to look forward to!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time is just zooming by...

Can't believe Halloween has come and gone! Tomorrow are the elections and we start our first childbirth class tomorrow night. We'll have 4 classes to go to which are through the hospital in Ames we'll have Ryder at. I'm excited for everything to come but also nervous, of course! My water aerobics class is going really well... It's sooooo nice to be in the water and feel weightless, you almost forget you're pregnant. The minute you're out of the water you feel like 200 lbs. heavier, it's hard to get out.
Paul and I are getting so excited for my family (well, my parents and Marie) to come visit us for Thanksgiving! We're so glad they're coming and are praying for good weather! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...after they leave! ;) It's actually been unseasonably warm weather this past week or so, but by the end of the week we'll be in the 40's...noooo!
Ryder's kicking stronger than ever! At work I constantly find myself going "Owww!!" But then I tell him how good a boy he is to be moving around so much! I love the movement even if it's uncomfortale or painful, to know he is all right makes me so happy! All we want is a happy, healthy baby boy in 2 months!!
By the end of this week (my 32nd) he'll weigh about 4 lbs. I can't believe it! Paul and I couldn't be happier for everything that's going on at this time, and we can't say enough how lucky and blessed we feel to have Ryder on his way.
Paul's really busy at work right now, and they have some really exciting stuff coming up!! He loves his job so much and that makes me so happy! His company is moving to a bigger building in a week or so and that will give them all quite a bit more room.
Here are some pictures, since my belly has grown quite a bit more. I'm still feeling good, and except for the occasional back ache (mostly at night) all is going really well...
My ever growing belly


Me and Jewel

Monday, October 13, 2008

Growing Baby

Ryder is growing and growing! Last night I woke up for my usual few times nightly bathroom breaks and laid back down and it seriously felt like Ryder was doing somersaults or something like it!! Paul was kind of awake so I asked him to feel it and see if he thought that felt normal. I was really worried that something was wrong because I've never felt anything like it. He has been kicking tons, but rolling is new for him, I guess. It was really strong and eventually I fell asleep, but man it was a funny feeling!
It's good to know that he's moving so much, that must be a good sign! Paul's mom was telling him that she's noticed that the more active the baby is in the womb the more active they usually are when they're born. Paul was a very active baby and child, so if that's any indication, then Ryder is definitely a mini-Paul. Can't wait to see him moving and grooving for myself, though!
We've also started playing a baby classical music CD for him nightly and he usually responds with several kicks where the headphones are on my belly. I don't know if he's saying he likes it or to turn it off!! But it's fun.
Last week we went to the doctor and I took the test for gestational diabetes, and haven't heard anything back today, which should mean that no news is good news according to the nurse. For the next 4 visits (8 weeks) I'll be having a prenatal Dr.'s appointment every other week, then I'll go every week after that. So, I'll be back to the Dr.'s next week... I really pray that all continues to go well! There haven't been any problems so far and we're hoping it doesn't change.
For now, every day is so different, he's growing and moving, and we're getting closer to him being here, and we can't believe it! My emotions are constantly changing, but mostly I JUST CAN'T WAIT!
I also started a water aerobics class, Moms In Motion, which is for pregnant women. It's nice to be in the water and feel weightless, it's strange. But it's cool to see all the other women and their different shaped bellies and hear all the experiences they're having.
Paul and I are enjoying the ride...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Clothes!

I said that I would post pics of the clothes I bought Ryder with the money from his shower, and here they are. I just HAD to buy the plaid red and black outfit--he'll look like a lumberjack. I thought it was so cute and Paul agreed, probably because it's pretty manly looking. Yeah, I can just picture the hair on his chest growing from that outfit! ;) Thanks again for the money for Ryder from the shower!! His wardrobe is certainly growing all the time... Can't wait to see everything on him.

As many of you know, Paul loves cars, so it's inevitable that Ryder will...

He will be THE Captain Adorable!

He'll look like a biker baby in these pajamas...

He'll look like my little lumberjack...

Also, we bought the crib mattress with part of the money from the shower! Thanks again!! :D

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belly Pics

My belly is growing and growing! It's funny, because I'm getting so used to it that I look down and think it's not so big. Then I see myself in a mirror and it looks huge! It's so fun to feel all his kicks. He's very active most days. Yesterday he was kicking ALL day long, without very many breaks. I don't mind though, I feel so much better whenever I feel him moving. He's so strong! He's starting to kick and then drag his foot or hand or whatever part it is along my stomach. He likes to kick at the very side of my belly and smack dab in the middle most. I feel so connected to him whenever I feel those movements. I'm so grateful that I have been blessed to carry him and even though I'm seriously so nervous about giving birth, I'm so happy to have him growing inside me.
Paul loves to feel Ryder kick too, he can feel how active he is and how strong his kicks can get. I love to see the expressions on his face as he moves and jabs and it's just so cute!

Here's some pics of my ever expanding belly...
Me on 9/12 at 24 weeks

Me on 9/16 at 25 weeks

Me today at 27 weeks

That last one's not too flattering of me, but I wanted to post the most recent picture of my belly. I'll keep posting updates too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Nursery Pics

Okay, so Paul and I have kind of gotten ahead of ourselves and a few weeks ago we painted part of Ryder's room in baby blue. Then this last weekend Paul painted the last wall chocolate brown. We had already ordered and received all of Ryder's bedding and coordinates to go with it and the crib. Paul put the crib up, and we put the bedding on. Now we're just waiting until we can put him in it...
As the days go on, I'm starting to feel a lot bigger. Up until this week I have felt like I have been doing things with the same amount of energy as normal and moving about the same as normal, too, but now I am really feeling weighed down and I feel like he's just growing so much! My belly will normally have growing pains once a week, but now I'm feeling them at least every other day! I guess that's a sign that he's growing and healthy, but I don't want to end up with a 10 lb. baby...
Anyway, here's some pics of his room, there's still a lot of finishing touches to do, but here's what we've got so far...
His crib, minus the drawers in the bottom (not installed yet) w/his zoo bedding...

Close-up on zoo bedding

Jewel chillin' on the striped rug

Decals on the wall

Ryder's closet

Brown wall

Comfy chair and rhino pillow

Side view of crib

Jewel just does not know what to think

Look at all those clothes! There's more where that came from!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first baby shower!

While we were in Utah for my grandpa's funeral, my Aunt Nancy and cousins Amy and Melanie threw me an impromptu baby shower! It was really fun and it was pretty warm that day, but it was nice under the awning at my Uncle Pete and Aunt Nancy's house. My mom, sister Marie, sister-in-law Nicole, mother-in-law Tracy and sister-in-law Ashley were able to make it, as well as my friend Jen and other family members made it. It was so nice to see all of them, and their kids. My cousin Melanie just had a baby, Quincy, and so had my cousin Ranae, Sabrina. So it was so good to see them! They're so cute!

It was such a great shower and I got so much great stuff... Thanks Nancy, Amy, Melanie, and my mom and Marie for putting it together! It was so fun to start getting all the cute baby stuff! We loved everything we got for Ryder! I will post more pictures later too of what I have bought so far with the money I got from the shower for Ryder boy... Here's some pictures for now:
Cute "Little Snapper" outfit...

Ryder's going to be "Mommy's Little Cowboy"

I obviously can't contain myself with all this cute stuff! :D

Kami, Malaya, and new mom Melanie

Marie, a smiling, happy, (and newly pregnant!) Nicole, and my Mom

My mother-in-law Tracy talking with Mindy and Aunt Nancy

Proud new Mom Melanie with adorable Quincy

Can't wait for Ryder to come out and be as precious...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Grandpa Pete

Some very sad Grandpa Pete died on August 25th, just shy of his 77th birthday on the 30th. But he was reunited with my Grandma Norma on their anniversary. I'm sure he was happy about that! There is so much I could say about him. I looked up to him my whole life, he was the best grandpa! He was funny, always had a joke to tell. I will definitely miss those. And his email forwards... He was a kind person, non-judgmental and loving and accepting of people. He was the perfect match for my grandma and they were always so happy together. I have so many fond memories of him! He was the best!

Paul and I were lucky enough to see him in June when we came to Utah for Paul's brother Shaun's wedding. It was right before his dog Maggie passed away, who he really loved. Here are some pictures from that trip:
My handsome Grandpa!

Me and my Grandpa, after I announced I was pregnant!

His Maggie girl

Another one of Maggie...

We were so glad we were able to see him before he passed. We weren't able to get to see him right before he died, but we made it to the funeral, and that was so nice. Paul came with me and I was so happy for that! We were able to see his family too which was great, and spend time with mine. I love my Grandpa Pete so much! He will be greatly missed by me and Paul and so many more!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Fence!

So we had a fence installed on July 30th, after waiting a month or so. The posts were put up about two weeks before the fence went up. And the caps on top were just barely installed. We're really happy with it, though. Jewel just loves her freedom back there! :) And it will be so nice for Ryder to have all that room to run around and play with. We had to do the chain link on the sides so water can flow through our yard into the neighbor's drain. But we really wanted the vinyl so that we had a little more privacy from the apartments and the street from the front. Paul plans on planting a bunch of trees along the side of the fence that faces the apartments for even more privacy.... And there's other projects I'm sure we'll come up with too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lots of Updates...

Okay, so we don't mean to bore you and hopefully we don't, but we have quite a few updates and pictures to post.... So yesterday Marie left on a plane back to Utah.
:( Very sad! It's been so nice to have her around and I'd just gotten so used to it that I didn't want her to leave! I think she had a lot of fun while here though, and even had the opportunity to visit Palmyra, NY and Kirtland, OH and various other places w/the youth from Ames and surrounding areas. We were pretty jealous about that! But she met a lot of people and dated quite a bit too. Here's us at the airport...

So we wanted to include the rest of our ultrasound pictures...

So those are the first pictures of our baby boy, and the next won't be until he's born. Well, my belly has been growing and growing... About a week or so ago I know my belly went through a huge growth spurt over the span of like 1 or 2 days. There was one day that I thought it was going to explode, it hurt so bad from the stretching and growing pains. Now it's pretty well popped out. Here's a picture of me from Friday, in my 17th week:

For my birthday Paul finally agreed to let us paint the house, well, the living room, kitchen and hallway for now. Then we'll paint the rest of the house one or two rooms at a time. We picked a nice neutral color, toasted almond is what it's called and we really like how it turned out. We painted the Saturday after my birthday and got it all done in 1 day! Impressive!! We did the 1st coat, then it was like 9 PM when Paul started the 2nd coat which he did all by himself. He's the best! Here are the results...

Jewel just went through her rite of passage of womanhood, or doggyhood, which would be going through her time of the month, or time of year for her. She's been wearing a diaper for pretty much all of July, and she's finally free from them! So we'll be getting her spayed here pretty quick, one Jewel is enough I think. Also, just learned that the name Jewel means "one who is playful, and/or a precious gem". That's our Jewel!

Since I don't have very many pics on here of me and Paul, here are some:
Us at the Fireworks in Chicago, we're thinking "Wowwww!"

Us at Gray's Lake Park in Des Moines.