Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belly Pics

My belly is growing and growing! It's funny, because I'm getting so used to it that I look down and think it's not so big. Then I see myself in a mirror and it looks huge! It's so fun to feel all his kicks. He's very active most days. Yesterday he was kicking ALL day long, without very many breaks. I don't mind though, I feel so much better whenever I feel him moving. He's so strong! He's starting to kick and then drag his foot or hand or whatever part it is along my stomach. He likes to kick at the very side of my belly and smack dab in the middle most. I feel so connected to him whenever I feel those movements. I'm so grateful that I have been blessed to carry him and even though I'm seriously so nervous about giving birth, I'm so happy to have him growing inside me.
Paul loves to feel Ryder kick too, he can feel how active he is and how strong his kicks can get. I love to see the expressions on his face as he moves and jabs and it's just so cute!

Here's some pics of my ever expanding belly...
Me on 9/12 at 24 weeks

Me on 9/16 at 25 weeks

Me today at 27 weeks

That last one's not too flattering of me, but I wanted to post the most recent picture of my belly. I'll keep posting updates too.


Roberta said...

You are absolutely beautiful!

Meltone said...

You look cute, it's getting close.