Thursday, March 17, 2011

UT & CA trips...

"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person." -Alec Waugh
Thanks Alec, those are my sentiments of California... :) Of course, I've been here many times, but I fall in love every time.

The second week of February my whole family (Mom, Dad, siblings and their families) headed to DISNEYLAND! I can't express how much I love that place, and just even more so since I had Ryder. It was lots of fun! Ryder was getting over being sick for most of that week, but still enjoyed much of the trip. We played in Disneyland, Universal, San Diego Zoo, and a tiny bit at the beach. (It was chilly and super windy when we got a chance to hit the beach.) It was awesome! Except, it went by way too fast.

The weekend before our trip to CA, we headed to Utah for my brother-in-law Spencer's wedding. We were excited to be there for that. It sucked big time though because Ryder was the sickest he's been in his life while there. He wouldn't really move much and was hurting so much. That's just not him. He usually acts fine even when he's just normally sick. But it was too much...turns out he had a bacterial and viral (possibly multiple viruses) infections. He received an antibiotics shot and that helped a lot. But alas, he had NO fun in UT! So, here's hoping next time Ryder's like 110% better...

So, it was a crazy month in February, and super stressful, tiring, etc. Now we're looking forward to a less sick rest of the year! (Knock on wood.)