Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby boy...

Daddy and Ryder boy
Precious angel
Too handsome!!

Well, my little boy is growing! He's 6 weeks old as of yesterday. Definitely can't believe that! He's starting to get chubby too, mostly just in his cheeks; at 22 inches it'll probably take him awhile to fill out. He's so handsome though. I just can't get over it. A friend in my ward had said that being cute are puppies' and babies' defense mechanisms. It's so true! Ryder had been sleeping through the night for the first few weeks, and now he's so hungry he'll sleep for 3-4 hours at best. He is such a piggy too! I'll nurse him and then he's still not done! Yesterday felt like was one big, long feeding for him that wouldn't end! ;P I love him so much though!

Paul's parents were just here a week ago and absolutely fell in love with Ryder boy! They loved, loved, loved the time here! And my mom was here for Ryder's delivery and 2 weeks after that, then she came back to help more since I wasn't feeling that great. And the weekend my mom left my dad came with my sister Marie to meet the little guy! They loved him too! Now we can't wait to go to Utah and show him off more!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Boy

Sorry for the lapse in updates. We've been very busy with Ryder! I can't believe that he's 3.5 weeks old now!

Isn't this a good looking boy?

Ryder loves his time with Mommy! (Click on the image above to see the video).