Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Boy

Sorry for the lapse in updates. We've been very busy with Ryder! I can't believe that he's 3.5 weeks old now!

Isn't this a good looking boy?

Ryder loves his time with Mommy! (Click on the image above to see the video).


Meltone said...

Cute!! It is so much fun, don't you just love being a mom!?

Katie said...

Aw...Ryder is SO cute! I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! By the way you look great in the video...tiny!!!!

Roberta said...

I LOVE that you posted some video! That is so great! Paul really got some great angles! Ryder is so gorgeous, he really is! And you are not supposed to look that good after having a baby! He has beautiful skin and hair. I just wanted to come through that video and eat hime up myself!

BillienRobert said...

I'm in love!