Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first baby shower!

While we were in Utah for my grandpa's funeral, my Aunt Nancy and cousins Amy and Melanie threw me an impromptu baby shower! It was really fun and it was pretty warm that day, but it was nice under the awning at my Uncle Pete and Aunt Nancy's house. My mom, sister Marie, sister-in-law Nicole, mother-in-law Tracy and sister-in-law Ashley were able to make it, as well as my friend Jen and other family members made it. It was so nice to see all of them, and their kids. My cousin Melanie just had a baby, Quincy, and so had my cousin Ranae, Sabrina. So it was so good to see them! They're so cute!

It was such a great shower and I got so much great stuff... Thanks Nancy, Amy, Melanie, and my mom and Marie for putting it together! It was so fun to start getting all the cute baby stuff! We loved everything we got for Ryder! I will post more pictures later too of what I have bought so far with the money I got from the shower for Ryder boy... Here's some pictures for now:
Cute "Little Snapper" outfit...

Ryder's going to be "Mommy's Little Cowboy"

I obviously can't contain myself with all this cute stuff! :D

Kami, Malaya, and new mom Melanie

Marie, a smiling, happy, (and newly pregnant!) Nicole, and my Mom

My mother-in-law Tracy talking with Mindy and Aunt Nancy

Proud new Mom Melanie with adorable Quincy

Can't wait for Ryder to come out and be as precious...

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