Friday, February 5, 2010

Utah Visit

Paul's grandpa hasn't been doing well for awhile, battling several things at once. And he passed away about 2 weeks ago. He was such a great man, very loving, smart, and kind. It was especially hard for Paul because he was able to develop a close relationship with him when he was growing up. Paul lived and worked with him for a summer as a teen, and still tells lots of stories from that time. We will miss him...
We were lucky enough to all go out to the funeral, and everyone LOVED Ryder! He is so spoiled and it was cool for everyone to see him walking, which he has mastered so quickly. It only took him about a week and a half from the time he first started taking a few steps to the point of walking more than crawling. Now he'll only crawl out of convenience because of exhaustion. But he has really good balance, we're so proud of him!
We were so happy to see our families and spend so much time with them. We finally got to see a couple of movies, Sherlock Holmes & Avatar (which was AWE-SOME!) We had a really great time. Paul had to head home last Sunday, but I stuck around until Wednesday.
I was so worried about Ryder getting sick just from the sheer amount of germs he'd come in contact to on the:
plane, at restaurants, public restrooms, etc.
And sure enough, he has a cold. I am not a germaphobe by any means, but when we travel, which is a lot, I try to be extra diligant in keeping his hands sanitized, and keeping him from sick people, playgrounds, etc. He's been doing very well, though, just trying to sleep it off. He's been sleeping through the night and all. We're just hoping he's better for DisneyWorld. I could not think of a worse place and time to be sick! He would not get to enjoy it fully! And that would be just plain sad. :( So, here's hoping he gets better this weekend, and then we'll be off to the happiest place on Earth with our happiest boy on Earth!
We were SO happy to go back home, and it just rejuvenates us and helps us get our "family fix" until next time. Which, we are welcoming any and all Evans' and McFarlanes', come to our house, and we will love it! :D


m&em said...

get better soon lil ryder! you're the cutest. Seriously Shari, he makes me want to have a little boy!

Meltone said...

O my gosh ryder has changed his look so much!! He is still so cute just a little boy instead of a baby boy! I wish we could have seen you, hopefully we'll catch you next time or save our bucks and come see you!!

Roberta said...

What a doll! He has grown up a lot. I love how light his hair is! All those McFarlane's have such dark hair! Have fun in Disneyland/World. Not sure which one you are going to. Look forward to those pics!