Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leandra & Brilee's Iowa Visit!

I am so behind on blogging... But I wanted to post pics from the visit my sister-in-law Leandra made with my niece Brilee also. My brother couldn't make it out, so they came for a week and we had a blast. It was their first time to Iowa and visiting our house. We did the Omaha zoo, Iowa State Fair, Mall of America, and fun stuff around town. Literally the entire time Ryder and Brilee were giggling and cracking each other up. They LOVED being together! It was lots of fun! And just a nice, laid back break. Thanks guys!


Meltone said...

looks like lots of fun i am jealous!!

Leandra said...

I am so glad that we came out to see you guys! It was a blast and memories were made, especially with the little ones :) Ryder and Bri were so inseperable... She asks for him now all the time! Love it Love it Love it! Miss you all :)