Monday, September 27, 2010

Just the best day ever!

So, it's no secret that Ryder is a Thomas the tank engine fanatic! When I say fanatic I mean, he goes around saying "choo choo" just for the heck of it all day. He doesn't want Thomas to ever think he's forgotten about him. He's so thoughtful like that. :) Well, the Boone Scenic Railroad is just a town over from us, in Boone, and every Sept. they have a Day Out with Thomas for two weekends. We were out of town visiting Joplin, MO, where we're moving soon the first weekend, and I knew I had to get tickets for the last weekend. So on Saturday we made our way to Boone and enjoyed what was Ryder's favorite day ever, I'm sure. It was in short, his Disneyland. It's not like he didn't just go to Disneyworld for his 1st birthday or anything, no, I'm sure that's long been forgotten.

Anyway, there were different stations where there was storytelling & videos in a train car, a real life train to ride, pics to take with Thomas & Sir Topham Hatt, a play station with wooden railways and huge tables with lots of trains to play with, and a gift shop. He was in HEAVEN! We literally had to drag him away kicking and screaming at the end, but we left with a prize (a Thomas view finder) and some goodies.

We had so much fun riding the train and seeing all the fun train stuff! It rained the whole time, but it didn't matter because it was the best day ever! Also, he has a conductor's hat, train whistle, and medallion he can wear and he looks all official! He's also a Jr. Engineer now, we have the certificate to prove it. And he's going to be Thomas for Halloween, so I'll post those pics next month.

I bet you can't tell what our world revolves around now, can you?? ;)


Leandra said...

Oh that is so fantastic! I bet Ryder was in heaven for sure! Looks like you all had a good time with Thomas... I like that he is going to be him for Halloween.

The Clarks said...

Too funny, Topher just got into Thomas as well! In fact, he's having a Thomas b-day party next month and he keeps talking about his "choo choo party". It's so cute. If he's still into Thomas next year, we'll definitely take him to the day out with Thomas. :) Hope you guys are doing well!

m&em said...

You can tell by his eyes that he is in Heaven!