Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apartment after the Tornado

After the tornado was over Ryder said, "My house is broken". The morning after he played with his cars as usual, only this time he turned them all upside down. Here's some pictures of what he saw.

This was Ryder's room.

This is the closet where we weathered the storm. When the tornado passed, this was the only room in the apartment that still had a ceiling. It collapsed shortly thereafter from the rain.

Surprisingly, a lot of the books in the master bedroom were still in good shape.

The mirror in our kitchen fell but did not break.

The living room is completely covered with debris.


Leandra said...

Oh Shari! Our hearts go out to you, Paul and Ryder! Such heartbreak to see all that has happened, and what you all have been through already! But you are very strong amazing people and Heavenly Father has been there watching over you :) We love you, and again so grateful you are all safe. Please, keep us updated. Much Love, Brian, Brilee and I. If I was there I would give you the biggest hug!

Mark and Adrian said...

Amazing!!!! So happy you guys are ok.

Chelsea said...

Wow...I'm so happy to hear you guys are okay!!! Let us know if you guys need anything!

Meltone said...

o my gosh it is all so crazy! We are glad you guys are ok and we love you!

barb said...

Hi Shari,
So glad you, Paul and Ryder are okay. It's awesome to see how the Lord protected you! Please let me know if there's any way I can help.

Barb Hotchkiss

Spring E. Smith said...

I'm in shock over those photo's! I'm so glad all of you are okay!

MJ said...

Glad you guys are ok!!!