Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Words!

So, Ryder has never been much of a talker, but always been good at babbling! Well, lately he's been mimicking us a lot and here are some examples of his favorite new words....
Bird- he says "bir"
Cookie- he says "coo-ka"
No- he says "no-oh"
Bath- he says "bah"
Dog- he says "dah" & "Jew-eh" (for Jewel)
Mom- he says "Ma"
Dad- he usually calls dad "Ma" too, but sometimes "Da" (very rarely though)
Ball- he says "Bah"
Cracker- he says "Cah"
Snack- he says "Sah"
Truck- he says "Truh" (LOVES TRUCKS!)
Car- he says "Cahr"
Ouch- he says "Ow-chh"
Bad- he says "Ba-ad"
That's all I can think of now, but he's starting to say lots of words now! Just all out of the blue, it was time to talk! He's been at it for just a week or two now. I'll keep updating his new words as I think of them. :) We're so proud of him! It's so fun to see when he decides to do things and what he likes to do.
I should also mention, he's been signing for awhile, and he still chooses to do that a lot. Here are some of the words he signs all the time...
Those are the main ones, I think. Those are the important ones for him anyway! ;)

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