Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How To Eat A Nectarine, by Ryder

1. Casually take a bite.
2. Show Mommy and Daddy how much you love the fruit.
3. Giggle because you can't help it.
4. Laugh out loud because it's just too good!
Repeat daily or until they're all gone! ;D



ashybete said...

this really made my day!! he is so cute!

Leandra said...

What a lil sweetie! And he's curly hair gets curlier and curlier :) I hope Ryder can do this for Brilee so then he and her can enjoy it together when we come out! SO precious....

Billie said...

Ryder never fails to make my day! :)

Spring E. Smith said...

I just love those curls! And that smile is so contagious!

m&em said...

picture #2 he looks just like you shari! so adorable :)