Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Updates

I'm thinking of painting an accent wall in our living room, since it really wouldn't work to repaint our living room one color since the living room and kitchen and dining room are all one room basically. The first two pictures are not of our house, but examples of the color wall I want. I want a deep, dark, gray blue. I'm thinking of something like these pics of gray blue walls, but maybe darker than that...
Also, I have wanted to get new pillows for our couches for awhile, and I got these at Target. I had been looking for brown striped pillows in stores, online, everywhere! And finally found these and had to get them. Let me know what you think. I was going to go more with a teal color, but loved the bold blue!
So, I have been meaning to post pics of our new dining table and chairs for awhile, and now I am actually doing it! We got this table at the beginning of December. It's so nice to have more room and more chairs. It's our first nice table! Hope you all like it... I has an Old World feel to it. And I love the counter height look.


Spring E. Smith said...

Love the blue! If you go darker you might regret it, so keep it that color! Love the table as well!

m&em said...

I love that color and it totally fits you! (and your table is super cute too)