Monday, November 9, 2009


So, I decided to post these pictures, but there's no connection between the two situations. The first set are from Ledges National Park, just 20 mins. or so west of Ames in Boone, I think. Anyway, we had wanted to go for some time, and last month decided to go when the weather was nice. It was still pretty chilly and windy, hence the blanket wrapped around Ryder, but he didn't mind one bit. Paul and Ryder walked around and looked at the stream and the changing colors and all. Ryder's mouth was wide open most of the time, he loves the outdoors and anything new.

The second part of pictures was from Ryder's first taste of spaghetti. Too bad we didn't have video, but the pics pretty much speak for themselves. He LOVES any type of sauces, especially tomato! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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