Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Drummer Boy

Life here has been crazy! Ryder has officially become mobile. And when I say mobile I mean he crawls at lightning speed EVERYWHERE, you'd think he were practicing for a speed crawler race coming up. He is our crazy boy! Everything is SO interesting, especially if it's not one of his toys. He knows what he shouldn't touch and that's what he wants 99.9% of the time. He's showing more and more personality too. Lately he's been getting upset very easily whenever something doesn't go his way. (Not unlike his mom). And he's been pretty fussy lately, which I'm thinking has to do with his teething (he now has 2 bottom teeth), or he may be going through a growth spurt.

He's started to pull himself up against the coffee table, chairs, walls, and our legs; just whatever's convenient. One funny thing, on Monday me, Ryder, and Paul went out to lunch together and there was a little girl crying and screaming every once and awhile. And Ryder caught on, so then he starts yelling as loud as he can (which is amazingly loud) and it's not a mad yell, but a "I can do that too, see!" type of yell. Yes, he's very smart! And as I was saying before, he is into EVERYTHING, which I couldn't have imagined is as much as he has been getting into, because we try to keep things off the ground. But he's very clever, and you can watch him actually working things out in his mind if we move things or if something's difficult to get to.

We're going to Chicago next week, so I'm a little nervous for how that will go. Hopefully he won't be too frustrated, as we sightsee and he's in the stroller a lot of the time. But he's usually easily distracted by anything outdoors. I'm so excited for this fall, and for him to be able to see all the beautiful changing colors for the first time. It will be so fun! Now, since everyone's been asking for it, and I've really been slacking on posting one, I thought we should add a video.

Here's Ryder drumming away, with a little help...

Hope you enjoy!


Meltone said...

He is so cute!! It is crazy once they figure out one thing they can do a bunch of things!!

2 Big Macs and a Lil' McNugget said...

OH my gosh! He is sooo stinkin' cute! We are so excited to see you guys! I can't believe how fast he's growing!

BillienRobert said...

What a little punkin pie! Those little cheeks, I wanna just kiss them to bits!