Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our 4th Bedroom

So, here are some pics of the room Paul built in our basement:

I'm SO proud of him! He started it in October '08 and after that we started taking a lot of classes for the pregnancy and got really busy with all that. But, he's done so well and he had some help with some guys from our ward on the sheet rocking and installing the breaker, but otherwise it was all him. I'm amazed at his unending talent and love to fix and build things! Soon Ryder will be helping too!

Now we just need some visitors.... :)


Spring E. Smith said...

Oh how I would love to visit! We miss you guys!

Shari said...

You guys are welcome ANYtime! Although, I would rather be in Florida myself!!

Nancy said...

your room is really nice he did a good job. we are still working on our basement Pete has been busy working and can't get to it.