Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ryder boy is HUGE!

So, I have to say that we really wanted a boy SO bad when we found out I was pregnant, and when we found out we were having a boy, we were THRILLED! I feel so lucky to have Ryder boy! He will be an awesome older brother someday and look out for his siblings. He has such a fun and active personality. I never could have imagined I could be so lucky to have someone like him in my life. Paul and I both look at him often and one of us will ask the other if we can believe he's real, and we both can't.

He loves to react to most things with a smile, and if it really gets his seal of approval then it's a huge laugh. Without him my life would feel so much less full. He fills my heart with so much joy! Of course, Paul has always made me so happy and I feel lucky to have him, which explains why I can't get enough of Ryder...he's half-Paul.

However, he is growing like CRAZY! I picture that having a little girl means she's petite and tiny and stays that way longer than a baby boy. I know that's not necessarily true though. And you know, it's so fun to see him grow, but I wish that I could freeze this time in his life to last much longer. I won't miss the waking up in the night, wait, scratch that, I will, I will miss it all when he's older. I will miss it all because this time is so precious and it's flying by too fast! I just love him like crazy! He'll be 3 months old this Saturday! Someone please tell me where my newborn baby went? At a whopping 15 lbs. he's far from newborn...

Dad's excited for sure! those fingers!

So serious!

Being tortured in the too small bear coat, sorry boy!

Hanging out......

"What's up?" says Ryder boy

So tired!

Too cute for words!


Paige M. said...

Shari, it is so fun to read your blog! I love hearing about Ryder, he sounds so cute. We hope all is well with you guys!

BillienRobert said...

Love the hairdoo Ryder! He's such a little cuddle boy.

PS on the video you posted last time, when it got to where you covered his face with the cloth and then off, the Brit said, "oh, he's not keen on that bit". haha :)

Meltone said...

So So Cute!! They are cuter when they are chubby i think!

Nancy said...

Those fat liittle cheeks remind me of melanie as a baby. He's so cute, I can't beleive he weighs 15lb. We missed you at the Eeaster egg hunt. We look forward to see you when you come for a visit.